Boo Time!

Hermes' Blog: November 2, 2019

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Hello and Welcome to Wisdomsdoor 2019 All-Souls/Halloween/Day of the Dead weekend. I hope all of you enjoyed Halloween the other day and having a “Boo!” of a time this weekend as well.

These celebrations can be very freeing for the self. The idea that life is eternal and that the self can transform and become anything it wants, fits right in with your core consciousness. Even in this reality you are playing a role that you have shaped and adopted. It won’t be your last for sure. Consciousness is very creative and if you have any experience with remembering your dreams you will see what I mean there.

About this picture: This picture occurs in an alternate reality (take notice to the sky). It suggest that consciousness is able to shift into realities and transverse death. It also just a fun picture!

Light, Peace

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