Hermes' Blog: August 3, 2018

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This picture is called Communication. Five entities are shown existing in a sea of energy that ebbs and flows much like water. But it is not water, it is energy. They exist on this sea of energy and it is both their natural environment and also the way that they can talk to each other. In this reality, you communicate to another being by transmitting your message into the energy sea.

You could probably call this a party line reality, as nothing is private. Any entity in the sea can hear what is being said to another entity. Humans may think that privacy is sacred, but privacy really creates separation between people. On the higher levels of reality thoughts, emotions, and spirit are often shared experiences. Not all realities are like this but this particular one is.

If you can tune into this communal reality, you can ask a question into the sea and see what answers the community sends back. Who knows, you just may get an answer to a problem you been having for a long time.

Light, Peace

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