Hermes' Blog: Feburary 26, 2018

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Magick is the ongoing quest to evolve ever more perfect states of mind and matter.

I see magick everywhere I go. It is not just some Harry Potter type thing you see in the movies or books. Consciousness is magical and it wields its energy in a magical sense to create the world you have around you. Magick also fits the profile of spiritual evolution. In order to grow spiritually, you have to understand how the mind and matter work so that higher spiritual thinking can occur.

This picture of the day was inspired by an out of body adventure where my thoughts would impact the soft membrane of reality and symbols and glyphs appeared. I did not know what the symbols meant, I only watched as my mind interacted with reality and reality translated those thoughts into a form that the creation engine could use. It was immediately apparent to me that thoughts are magick, the greatest magick that there ever could be.

The word magick has a bit of extra meaning to it here then just conjuring things into your reality. It also implies an impetus to grow and evolve in the mind, body, and spirit. Everyday should be a training day where you increase the magick of the mind and reality creation to learn more about how it works. You send out the thoughts then see the results. Then you analyze them to see where the thoughts and your reality line up. You make corrections and try again. I think everyone can use some magick in their lives as it is defined here. Help yourself grow ever stronger everyday by learning how to use your own magick, safely and in harmony.

Light, Peace

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