Wisdom's Door

Hermes' Blog: Feburary 25, 2018

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Ah welcome, you found my secret doorway!

Step through that inner, magical doorway of enlightenment! Seek the knowledge of the universe, as it seeks you as well. Become one with spirit and matter. Become an emissary of the divine. Become a Master Reality Creator.

Enlightenment, your spiritual journey, your adventure into yourself begins with one step. One step from where you are to where you need to be. Spirit is waiting for you. You just have to go meet it. When you do, the world opens up to you in ways you cannot imagine. The confines that you have lived within are now open into a new world of wonder and excitement.

The spiritual journey is fun and expansive. It frees the self from imposed limitations and takes you on a journey in a garden that has infinite fruit to sample and take with you. This picture is a representation of that one big monumental step toward enlightenment and your freedom.

Most beginners do not realize the magnitude of that first step, until they have walked on the other side of the doorway for awhile. But when they look back, they easily see from the progress they made going from there to where they are now, that it was an endeavor well worth it. You need patience for the spiritual journey to unfold naturally. Never rush it, but always meet it.

Welcome to the secret door and to your ultimate salvation! Wisdom’s Door!

Light, Peace

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