Consciousnes Rising

Hermes' Blog: Feburary 19, 2018

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This picture of the day was inspired by one of my out of body adventures where my consciousness hung over the earth. I could see the planet as it slowly rotated, just as if I was in a spaceship. But I was not. I was in my ultimate travel vehicle. There is nothing like the freedom of consciousness when it can go anywhere in the universe. As I was out there, I said to myself, “This view is the perfect example of consciousness rising to higher levels.” When I returned to my body, I did my best to capture the energy in this print.

Spirituality is a great gift to humanity. The feeling you get when you raise your consciousness from the mundane toward spirit is just indescribable. You feel like the whole world is at your doorstep, that anything is possible. Fear and lack drop away and you live in a perfect moment. I wish and hope that everyone can experience this feeling of consciousness rising up and freeing itself. And anyone can! You just have to take the time to do it. Everything you need to know is there, if not on Wisdomsdoor and in my Reality Creator Series books, then out there in the great information exchange that is going on today.

Light, Peace

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