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RC Radio: Oversoul, additional comments

About image of the Day The Oversoul comes from a very high level of spirituality. These beings oversee the creation of chains of realities. They are not just concerned with one reality but many and how each reality interacts with each other. An Oversoul can communicate with you if your light is powerful enough to imprint itself on their reality. For a spiritual seeker there is no better spiritual guide than an Oversoul.

Communication with an Oversoul is a challenge at best. Oversouls do not understand the reality of being human. They only can see that if your reality is working or it is not. When it does not work, they can step in and can try to help you.

Oversouls can reach you in dreams, OBE, or travel meditation. When they do it is often a very powerful communication that can make little to no sense at the start. Decoding these puzzles will take time and you will have to examine each and every piece of the experience. The good part about Oversoul dreams, OBE, or travel meditations, is that they are so strong that remembering the details is not a problem. It is like the memory of the event has been burned permanently into your brain. And perhaps it has.

When an Oversoul does speak to you it means great changes are afoot with your reality, or at the very least, you are at the beginning of something new that will alter not only your personal reality but higher realities as well.

In one of my encounters with an Oversoul I saw him as in the picture above. I was so moved by actually being able to perceive just a small bit of an Oversoul’s reality that I quickly drew it to cement the experience in my reality and to share with all of you in my picture of the day.

My RC Radio show attached to this blog has more information on Oversouls, so I will not repeat myself, so please listen to it if you have the time and want some more of my insights into them.

Light, Peace

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