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Hermes' Blog: November 3, 2017

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About image of the Day Amazing things can happen when you are at the edge of reality!

I drew this picture when the big, bad-ass category 5 hurricane was headed to my area in Florida. I felt very restricted and that my reality creating skills, while impressive, were not going to be enough to thwart the destruction that was on the way. The idea of having no electricity for a week or more and the potential damage to my home from debris and flooding was daunting. I spent days and the hours before the storm hit in meditation to try to shift or weaken it. When that seemed impossible, I shifted my thoughts to protection for my home. I was at the edge of my reality.

Well guess what! While my area was hit fairly hard, my home was protected, one small tree fell down, and we were one of the only areas in Florida that still had electricity. I can’t take all the credit for the outcome, I did lots of calls for help to my inner divinity, the masters in the Tree of Life, and for the creation of a miracle.

Amazing things are always possible. We create our world!

Light, Peace

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