Hermes' Blog: November 2, 2017

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About image of the Day After a long hard day of physical reality, consciousness yearns to escape the confinement of one reality. Sleep accomplishes this goal very nicely. Consciousness does not require rest, only the body does. Consciousness gets revitalized by immersing itself in something else. It craves experience but not the same experience over and over again.

When you go to sleep consciousness must decide what reality or adventure it will embark on next. There is a place between waking and sleeping consciousness where this choosing takes place. I call it the Corridor. In this Corridor, all the available realties will parade themselves before your consciousness to vie for its attention, and like a shopper going shopping, your consciousness will choose one and then go into it.

This narrow bandwidth of a choosing reality can be consciously entered and you can observe the process yourself. If you are good with the Out of Body trance induction state, you may have already come across this state of being.

Light, Peace

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