Star of Hope!

Hermes' Blog: October 25, 2017

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About image of the Day It can at times seem very dark in your life. But it is at these times when a glimmer of hope starts to show. You can follow that glimmer to the light of illumination. Binah in the Tree of Life is the place to go when you feel hope has left you. There you can find hope again and a solution.

Binah is the Sephira for lost souls. It is a place to go, not to find yourself or get direction, but to heal from the past and gain understanding of what has happened. This understanding creates hope for a better future and before long you start to heal.

Binah’s energy is one of warmth, comfort, and feminine. It embodies the divine feminine or mother. She cares, nurtures, and heals and asks for nothing in return. Seek refuge here when you need it. The door is always open.

Light, Peace

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