Eye of Time

Hermes' Blog: October 19, 2017

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About image of the Day Time outside of physical reality is simultaneous. When you look at events out of the the time element, you can see things you would not notice otherwise.

Being locked in time’s grip forces you to look at events in a linear fashion. It helps you learn the cause and effect of your actions and thoughts. However events outside physical reality can be ordered anyway you like. Events, for example, can be ordered by emotional content, or by aspirations, or accomplishments or many other ways limited only by your imagination. Reordering events in other ways from your life can reveal some interesting clues about what you are creating over an entire life time.

The Eye of Time sees all events at the same time and does not presume to put them in any order. They are your events and if you can look outside time, you too can see things from the larger perspective. Dreams, travel meditations, and out of body travel enable you to do this with events as it takes you out of time’s grip for a brief period.

Light, Peace

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