Seven Rays

Hermes' Blog: October 17, 2017

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About image of the Day When the physical universe was created the white light broke off into seven rays. Each ray is charged with maintaining a certain aspect of reality. Each Ray also has a nonphysical ascended master that watches that ray and embodies the qualities of that ray.

  1. Red – master El Morya: energy, power, Creator’s will, karma
  2. Blue – master Lord Lanto: love and wisdom.
  3. Yellow – master Paul the Venetian: intelligence and creativity.
  4. Green – master Serapis Bey: harmony and conflict resolution
  5. Orange – master Hilarion: science and knowledge
  6. Indigo – master Lady Nada and Jesus: law of grace, obedience, religion, order
  7. Violet – master Saint Germain: transformation, magick, ritual

You will find many of these masters in various places in the Tree of Life. They are helpful and kind souls that want to help you understand your place in the universe.

The universe is made up of energy, all kinds of energy. It is this energy lattice that keeps the universe together. Light is energy that is visible. Every place has energy, most energy you cannot see. But if you could, it be quite a show!

Light, Peace

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