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Hermes' Blog: October 14, 2017

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RC Radio: I Create, additional comments

About image of the Day, I Create: You create your world, your reality! That is what Wisdomsdoor and my books, articles and life’s work has been about. It is a profound message if you think about it. You are the creator and director of your life. You hold all the power within you. All you have to do is learn how to wield that power properly and in harmony. Then the universe falls at your feet. You can create whatever you like. No more worry about all the little things in life that so many of you worry about. You just snap your fingers and its there!

Now, of course, creating your world is more work than what I said above. You have to learn all the little tricks with the craft. It takes hard work and determination to be the king and or queen of your reality. But it is well worth the effort. My books and website show you how. I illuminate the path for you. I have removed the thorns and all you got in front of you is the path in the forest.

This picture shows consciousness exerting its influence on the blueprint that is your reality. Because it is a blueprint of your reality and not your actual reality, your consciousness can reshape it quickly and easily. Then these changes transpose themselves over to physical reality. In a short time your reality reforms to the blueprint you created.

Light, Peace

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