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Hermes' Blog: October 13, 2017

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RC Radio: I Heal, additional comments

About image of the Day, I Heal: If you are not familiar with my healing talismans that I make, this picture may not seem to be appropriate to the title. Healing is a basic part of the human DNA. If it was not, you would not make it past adolescence. The problem with body healing is that your belief systems in healing and in your reality hinder the body’s process to keep you healthy.

The body knows how to heal, how to keep you healthy. It is an amazing healing machine. The more I examine the inner workings of the body-healing process, the more I am mystified. Did you know that the cells in your body have the ability to travel forward or backward in time to pull energy from a time when you were more healthy than you may be now? That is some awesome power. Time travel on a cellular level. The point is that the body can go to great lengths to bring itself back into balance.

Now because it is our own belief systems that muck up the machine, often we need things to help us alter our beliefs, and perhaps provide some change in reality as well. Modern medicine is a belief system designed to alter the reality of healing and help get past people’s often stubborn belief systems. Healing talismans are also a way to break past the belief barriers. I will be covering creating healing talismans in my up-coming book Reality Creator III.

Light, Peace

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