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Hermes' Blog: October 8, 2017

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RC Radio: Time Stream, additional comments

About image of the Day, Time Stream: Time in the nonphysical does not exist. On that level of reality you can slide forward and backward in time as easily as you walk from one room to another. You can see this concept in action in your dreams. At times your dreams can take you to the present and then into the past and perhaps even into the future -- all without you going anywhere. Physical space has nothing to do with your consciousness’s ability to move easily through time.

Yet in physical reality you are locked in place to a single moment in time. This moment moves forward second by second never stopping. It is this moment to moment aspect of physical reality that orders events so that you can see the connection of cause and effect of your thoughts and actions upon your created reality.

However, even though it seems your consciousness is locked into physical reality, it is not. You can slip into the past, future, and even probabilities all while being physical. How, during day dreams, intuitive moments, meditation, or even using deliberate reality creating techniques designed to help you master time.

A Reality Master uses consciousness’s ability to transverse time in his or her daily reality creation.

Light, Peace

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