Hermes' Blog: September 22, 2017

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RC Radio: Illumination, additional comments

About image of the Day, Illumination: Illumination requires time, patience, and perhaps some solitude. It is not easy to change one’s beliefs. The determined can. The persistent can. The desperate can. You have to want change down to the core. You have to want to be free from the constraints that your limited beliefs offer you. Once that threshold is reached, you are ready. Spirit will race to your side to help you. Spirit will fly you on adventures you can only imagine. Spirit will lovingly transform your light, into a powerful beacon that displaces the darkness and heals your suffering.

Someone asked about the symbolism I used in this picture. Here it is. The clock symbolizes time, as illumination of the soul takes time. The tree is a symbol for Malkuth and the Tree of Life. However it also symbolizes the upward journey of human self through the Tree of Life to become a divine being. The book represents knowledge and the candle flame is the spark of spirit within every individual.

Light, Peace

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