Jupiter Attracts Wealth/Luck, I Am Forgiven

Hermes' Blog: July 14, 2017

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RC Radio: Jupiter Attracts Wealth/Luck, I am Forgiven , additional comments

About Picture of the Day, Jupiter Attracts Wealth/Luck, I Am Forgiven: A good mantra coupled with a nice picture can bring about profound changes in your reality.

This mantra-picture embodies the element of Jupiter, the planet of luck and its powerful attractive force. I have also added two Enochian formula to the picture. The formula of KAL is for “manifestation” and the formula of IAO to “neutralize karma.” Many times luck and wealth (or whatever you want to attract to you, and are having difficulty with) have a karmic component that needs to be neutralized so that the power of KAL and Jupiter can operate in your life.

As with my other mantra-picture (see related links below), this one too needs to be accessed the same way. Meditate on the picture as you recite the mantra to yourself or aloud (either using just the English part or with the Enochian). Let the calm and cool energy of Jupiter settle into your being. Then continue on with your day, carrying the energy of manifestation with you. This picture incorporates the Enochian KAL-IAO (pronounced: Kah-El Ee-Ah-Oh) to increase its effectiveness.

You can remove the word “Wealth/Luck” and substitute anything you want to attract to you. I just used those as they are the most common thing people want to draw toward them. Note: this picture is not really designed for attracting relationships. It would need more of the energy of Venus in there for that.

See the full size image when it comes around for the image of the day! Yep, you will have to check for it every day!

Light, Peace

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