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Hermes' Blog: June 27, 2017

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RC Radio: Gate of ARSOE, additional comments

About image of the Day, Point of no Return: This image is about the psychological threshold that an individual meets at some point. It is about the spiritual awakening of the person. It is not an actual physical or nonphysical gateway. It is an emotional and mental point at which you decide to awaken to the larger nature of the universe, as opposed to staying in your closed world. The formula of AROSOE is the Sun-Savior or the Christ energy in action. When an individual makes that step toward spiritual enlightenment over personal gain, he welcomes the Christ energy within him or her, and it changes them forever.

The formula of ARSOE (pronounced “are-soe”) is also known as the Buddha Consciousness. The individual moves from a state of static evolution to one of dynamic evolution. They now see the world from a more open perspective and the energy of enlightenment flows through every aspect of their life. This state of being is not the end or the middle of the spiritual journey, but the beginning of it. It is when the child becomes an adult and begins to walk on his own and take responsibility for his thoughts and creations.

The formula of ARSOE can be used to help balance the Christ energy within you. Repeat the formula to yourself when you want to swell this energy within you. This energy will pour through you, at first like a drip, then like a slow stream, then a gush. It is one of the most human friendly energies that are available. This energy comes from the Great Central Sun at the center of the Milky Way galaxy and the formula of ARSOE is a key that unlocks it and allows it to enter into the individual.

Update: This place is also part of the Lion's Gate. A portal that opens once a year on August 8 (8/8). The Lion's Gate Portal Day. 8-8 August 8. A day to focus on creating change and stability in your life. Number 8 can be considered a lucky number because it indicates that things will be going well for you and that there will be no significant setbacks towards achieving your goals. The Lion's Gate Portal is a portal that opens between the constellation of Virgo and Leo, which are represented by two different constellations in the night sky. The portal represents the opportunity for manifestation and making things happen for those who want it most.

See the full size image when it comes around for the image of the day! Yep, you will have to check for it every day!

Light, Peace

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