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Hermes' Blog: June 23, 2017

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RC Radio: Nonphysical Tunnels additional comments

About image of the Day, Tunnels: There are two ways to travel in the nonphysical planes. One is to go from point A to point B much like you do when go someplace, like to work or school. Or if where you are going is very far apart, like another reality or a planet, you can use the extensive travel tunnels, which can make the trip much faster. The tunnels can best be described as psychological worm holes. They take you from one psychological place to another. In the nonphysical plane it is not about going anywhere when you travel. It is about matching the right frequency. The travel tunnels with their very unique look and colors helps you to complete that transition, quickly and easily. A trip that could take hours nonphysically even moving faster than light, can take mere seconds in a travel tunnel.

In travel mediation you may not notice the tunnels. you just see yourself going from one place to another. They are much more noticeable in out of body travel. The longer the journey the longer the tunnel though a portal. In some of my out body travels to other solar systems and planets I would use tunnels. It take way too long to go there even at many times the speed of light. Typically, you enter the tunnel either directly or with a portal. Then travel the tunnel. it will twist and turn quite a bit. but they designs as you fly fast through them are mesmerizing. After awhile you exit through the side of the tunnel and you appear at your destination. Now with some of my early travels, I was so fixated on the tunnels by the time i got to the destination, my OBE Power was used up, so I spend about 10 seconds at the end destination and then get sucked back to my body. Going back to the body is always instant, and for some reason seems to not need a tunnel.

The Tunnels come in all colors and designs. They are artistic, everyone is unique. There is a violet one that runs from the physical plane to malkuth for example. In our pathworking, (journey to HAS) we use a nonphysical train to go from here to there, but the train goes in a tunnel.

The nonphysical trains we use in our workshops and group travel meditation are just to help you when you are new with the idea of movement to other places without having a vehicle or even a form. I have found it makes travel meditation and obe easier at the start to have something familiar with people just being exposed to this stuff. So we get in trains that travel the tunnels, it is familar and relieves the doubt and pressure of the trip. you get to the destination, do the thing and then return. Later as you get better, the train is not needed. Of course you can still use it. I still very often use the subway, just because its fun!

The colors of the various tunnels from one place to another are constant. Well, in the Tree of Life map, it will show you the color of those tunnels. We use the train, like I said, in our Pathworking so a student may not notice the tunnel outside the train. But it is there.

FYI: the archangel in the picture is Ariel. I find her very pretty and very young looking when I meet her on the nonphysical plane.

See the full size image when it comes around for the image of the day! Yep, you will have to check for it every day!

Light, Peace

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