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Hermes' Blog: December 8, 2012

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I am feeling compelled to talk about the upcoming Dec 21, 2012 event. Well in actually it is a non-event.

It saddens me when I see so many people looking for destruction, pain, and suffering to follow that date. Is your reality so terrible that only a disaster of biblical proportions can solve it? Are you that selfish that you would wish that kind of terrible reality creating on others? And well the media is another issue entirely. Every media channel is in some way taking advantage of the “doom and gloom” syndrome for the sake of boosting ratings and financially stockpiling wealth. Wealth I may add that will be of no use if such a biblical disaster as the the ones they describe would happen.

I started this year with a blog calling it the year of opportunity. And it has been a wonderful year of it, if you have put blinders on against all the “doom and gloom” sprinkled everywhere. Sure, 2012 was filled with some big bad reality creations. However every year is filled with some of that stuff. The energy this year has been fantastic for clearing out the crap in your energy field and filling it with much needed light and love. I do hope some of you followed my advise and did work toward that end.

As far as what is to follow. You create your world. I would not dare to tell you what to put into that creation, as so many others often do. Especially the prophets of doom and gloom. I have no remorse for the kinds of reality these people will create around them with this new 2012 energy. You get what you are focused on. You get what you believe in.

Please examine your thoughts and if you do not like what you see or where they are focused, change the view. Change the channel to one you prefer. You are a creator. You are the one that manifests your destiny. Make that destiny and creation something good and wonderful.

Light, Peace

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