So what day is your purge day?

Hermes' Blog: December 1, 2012

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With the shortening of the time to go from thought to manifestation upon us, things like purge day become very important in managing your reality creations.

I am sure it is no secret that this year has been tremendously hard for you. You have found things coming up in your life you could never imagine, and at a rate far quicker then ever. It may seem like you go from one disaster to another. And if you thought about it, you would be right.

The new reality creating energies, which reach critical mass this month (December 2012), put a new spin on how you look at thought and creation. In the old system much miss-thinking was forgiven. The energy from these things would just dissipate before they wound up being sucked into a reality creating vortex for processing. Not true anymore.

The intensity of thought is much stepped up by these new energies. So a dark thought that went unnoticed before, now becomes a thorn to return to you in a few days. This rebound is tied into karma and that magic number seven.

Karma returns to you at the intervals of seven: seven hours, days, months, years. I know it does not make much sense and why the number seven, but let's not get into that in this article. I want to call your attention to the seven-day karmic return.

I think if you thought about it, you will find that one or two days out of the week seem to land you in the realm of “what the F*ck is going on” zone! I am sure if you have noticed the pattern and you may have begun to dread that certain day or days of the week. You are not alone, many people are experiencing this in greater concentration.

Here is how it works. Depending on your personality type and spiritual makeup, you will have a purge day. This day usually is on the same day of the week, or close to it. On this day all the karmic backlash from the previous week is dumped into your exterior aura for processing. In “processing” I mean the release of it: your purging.

Without this weekly purging your negative or dark reality creations would reach critical mass in the seven-week time frame and, well, that is a hell of a lot of accumulated-hell for any given time. So instead and with the help of the new energies, you will experience one day a week of purging.

What is this purging? It is the karmic reflection of your previous week's good, bad, and ugly, actions, thoughts, and deeds. I like to look at it like a broom, where all the karmic dust gets dumped in the bin from the previous week on that given day.

What it means in simple terms is that particular day of the week is not apt to be your favorite. However it can be? How? Well, by being more conscious of dark and negative thinking, being the best human being you can be, and by just thinking before speaking.

Speaking is a whole other reality creator topic I won't cover here now. But to say it in short. If there ever was a way to jam up your reality creating with garbage, it is with the spoken word. Think about what you are saying before you say it and what kind of karmic-return you may be facing on your special purge day when you say something you perhaps should have kept to yourself. Dark thoughts take you to the first degree in hell and well speaking those dark thoughts takes you to the next degree of hell. So be smart and if you can't keep your thoughts pure, dear lord keep your voice pure!

If you can minimize the darkness in your daily creations your purge day can go by relativity painlessly and even can become enjoyable.

The day that you experience your purge is really based on what Sephira (or more) in the “Tree of Life” you are immersed in at this time. For example, if that was Binah, the Sephira of endings and rebirth, the purge days may be late Friday or Saturday.

In tradition Binah is the “purge” Sephira by its very nature, however, not everyone will purge on those days. If you are a Tiphareth centered soul (sunny, good natured, focused in education) you will find your purge day to be Sunday, or around that day.

Each Tree of Life Sephira is associated with a different day or days of the week. Stop by the Tree of life section and you will find the qualities of each Sephira. However before you say “ooOohh” and click away to find your Sephira type, take some time to actually think about what day of the week this year has been the most troubling. And well, there you will find your purge day and the Sephira you are working with.

Well enjoy the purging, if you can, and I will catch you in the next blog.

Light, Peace

SephiraDay of the Week

Malkuth:Any Day of the week
Chokmah:Any Day of the week
Daath:Any Day of the week
Kether:Any Day of the week

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