2012 The Year of Opportunity

Hermes' Blog: January 31, 2012

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Yea the world turned and landed us here at 2012. To many it is thought to be a very mystical year. To others it is the year of doom and gloom. And to the brave few it is the year of opportunity.

To the mystical seeker 2012 conjures images of transformation and spiritual bliss. Some believe the earth will transition to a new dimension. Others believe in some global purification that will separate the holy from the impure.

To the doom and gloom audience it is the year that the world ends. The stock market will crash and all life will become extinct due to some natural or man made catastrophe.

I say forget the first two and let's get to the third: the year of opportunity. I like this one the best. Why? Well because for a reality creator it is the best place to be. 2012 brings to the peak some very special reality creating energy that can help you to succeed where you have failed before. The energy present this year is ripe to shape and mold into what you want. You can take this year and focus on your dreams and make them happen now more than ever.

To me 2012 is the year of reality creating. These energies have never made creating so easy. You think of what you want and poof! It appears in the near future. Perhaps that is an over simplification of it but that is the general idea. If you have been following me along the path these many years you will find 2012 enjoyable and fun and interesting. If you are new to realty creating then it is a perfect time to start learning how thoughts shape your world. You can more easily see the connection between thought and manifestation as the energy to manifest things is in high concentration this year.

You create your world! I stand by that credo. 2012 is the year reality creating comes together, as the time frame from thought manifestation is shortened. You could call it the year of Merlin and of magic and fun. Take your dreams and shape them into something, send them out into the reality creating universe and see what happens. It is the year of adventure and opportunity to those of you ready to charge ahead and see this year for what it really is: a gift from the universe for all your hard work.

Light, Peace

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