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Hermes' Blog: November 9, 2011

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Just Ask

So you're a reality creator. You make energy balls and go about your day creating this and that. You are amazing and this amazing even amazes you. But then you have some things in your life that just come up or won't shift. They are like needles poking you in a bed of roses as you lie there. What can you do? How do you get rid of the needles?

Well you just ask! Did you say ask? Yes I said ask. It is not complicated reality creating. It is simple easy technique to just ask your spiritual guidance to take care of it. Sometimes the most simple solution is the hardest to see and this is one of them.

As a reality creator we come to depend on our sharp wit, powerful energy, and clarity of thought to create change in our lives. It often escapes our notice that we have all these nonphysical helpers just waiting around to well... help us. Just ask your helpers to take care of it.

You are not God though you may be learning to be one. In the meantime shift some of the reality creating burden you can't handle on to a larger reality creating power. This simple act makes so much sense and can make your life a hell of a lot easier.

So how do you just ask? Well anyway you want. I usually just try to clear my mind and get to a quiet place and have a frank conversation with my divine connection. Then I ask nicely to please help me to resolve this issue as regular reality creating is not working for me just now.

It is no sign of weakness to ask for help. In fact it is your divine right to ask for help when you can't cope or things are just too hard. Spirit is there for you so please try to engage it in your reality creating. You will just love the results and who knows you just may wind up spending a nice quiet day lying on those soft roses in peace and serenity, without the needles poking you in the ass!

Light, Peace

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