I will remain conscious! I will travel out of body! I will bring the f*cking Sword!

Hermes' Blog: October 26, 2011

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I will remain conscious! I will travel out of body! I will bring the f*cking Sword!

How is that for a whopper of mantra before you go off to sleep? It is one I have been using for myself. I realize that not many of you out of body travel, but some of you do and may find this amusing.

I often find it amazing that I can be advanced enough to leave my body and then be brain dead once I am out of the body. What I mean is some times I will forget everything about myself, who I am currently, what I am about, and what I am capable of.

Case in point. In the first few out of body adventures Sandalphon will give you this awesome sword for dispatching demons and nasty evil doers. The sword is absolutely awesome. What a sight, big, shiny, sharp, sharp. Did I mention that it's sharp? Yea what a great tool to fight off that monster that you walk into by mistake. Well that is all well and good, if you remember to bring it along.

There is nothing more frustrating as traveling to a unknown place to be greeted by a big bad ugly monster thing. So what does a hardened adventurer like myself do? Do I grab the big ass sword. No! I play brain dead and instead run my butt off down an endless dark corridor.

Why give me a sword if I am unable to remember to bring it along? It is some kind of archangel joke I am sure. “Oh look he forgot the sword again. LOL!” Yea laugh it up guys. One day I will remember to bring the thing... and when I do, well, let's just hope I know how to use it.

* This is an excerpt from one of Hermes more colorful Out of body adventures.

Light, Peace

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