What kind of Wizard are you?

Hermes' Blog: July 13, 2011

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In this blog I am posing an interesting question to you. What kind of wizard are you? You may think I have gone off the deep end and abandoned reality creating in favor of Harry Potter, but no that would not be the case. This question is perfect for the aspiring Reality Creator and a great way to asses your reality creation skills. Let's talk about it.

First, what is a wizard? Well a wizard is a extraordinary person that manipulates his reality according to his will. He shapes and molds the things around him to conform to his needs. Humm, this sounds a bit like a reality creator. Well, guess what ? It is! In the most basic sense you are a wizard just by realizing that you create your world according to your wishes, desires, likes and dislikes, and that you seek to understand the mysteries of those creations. You ARE a wizard!

Now there are three kinds of wizards. Let's talk about them.

The first and lowest class of wizard is an arcane wizard. The arcane wizard uses the natural elements to create his world. In the wizardry world that would be potions and earth magick. He may like to dance in the moonlight naked (got ya!). Not really but you can. I was just seeing if you were paying attention. In today's high tech world that wizard would be someone that takes herbs and vitamins to help him with his reality creating power. Protecting his special places with mechanical devices like locks and keys. And traveling from one place to another using things like doors to come and go and perhaps even travel by horse.. ahem, I mean car.

If by chance the arcane wizard sounds a bit like you, well you would be stating a truth. Every reality creator starts out as an arcane wizard. The physical world is – well physical – and to manipulate that world you use physical items as tools to help you. Wands, daggers, and such would come under the arcane wizard heading, just in case you were wondering. But keep in mind that a wand or a dagger could just as easily be a remote control for the TV. The idea is to understand that the arcane wizard – I mean reality creator – manipulates his world on the physical level. He creates using tools and gadgets, and even food to help enhance his existence.

The second and next higher level wizard is the hand wizard. A hand wizard is not only an arcane wizard but he also creates his kingdom... I mean reality, by using hand jesters, body language, or spoken words. He may say something, an incantation to help his creation power (like WTF are you doing dude!). A hand wizard would be very much at home with using spells to make things happen and having all sorts of books on knowledge and wisdom. The hand wizard practices a higher form of magick than the arcane wizard. His tool set is more etheric and less physical than the arcane wizard and as such the hand wizard commands greater reality control.

Every reality creator needs to move from being an arcane wizard to a hand wizard. This transition happens rather quickly. In the reality creation world a hand wizard would be anyone using some of my reality creating techniques, like the energy ball routine to create or change your reality, the Rose Cross protection technique, etc. In a more mundane sense, a hand wizard would use the telephone or Internet to communicate to other people (instead of horse – I mean car). They would have lots of notes all over reminding them of things they should not forget, um like the password to his or her bank account.

Hand wizards are people that use knowledge, written or otherwise, in their daily reality creating. They apply this knowledge in a semi physical way but often not directly. They would more likely prefer to cook dinner by calling the pizza guy and having it delivered, than making it themselves. The hand wizard lives his world (not only inside it) but also a step away from it, and this gives him a bit more power over the arcane methods of reality creating. He commands an excellent use of colorful language, as he has realized that emotions powered by some good well chosen words go a long way to change a situation (#$#@$ get out of the way, can't you see the traffic light is green!)

Now the highest form of wizard is the mind wizard. A mind wizard creates using his mind. He thinks of what he wants to happen and it happens. He creates on the mental plane. Mind wizards are rare and it is no easy feat to go from a hand wizard to a mind wizard. However the mind wizard is where you want to be if you want to be a Reality Creator Master. Mind wizards understand that their reality is more easily manipulated by just changing their thoughts. In the wizardry world a mind wizard would look like the Great and Powerful OZ (from the wizard of Oz)... Okay, let's hope you don't look like a giant floating head. However you get the idea that to change the world you really don't need a cool body. But having a cool body does help in picking up chicks. Did I just use the word “chicks?”

No matter. Typical mind wizards love to communicate via mental telepathy. It is far too troublesome to use a mobile phone when all you got to do is send the message via your mind to another person. Of course if you are sending such a message to someone who is not a mind wizard, well, then, you best pick up that mobile phone, as otherwise you gonna be waiting a long time for that ride to show. Mind wizards are still hand wizards and arcane wizards but they have taken the next leap in understanding creation. They realize that they are the architect of what happens in their world. So if they don't like something, they alter their thoughts. Mind wizards love to have other people do shit for them. Like send a mental message to the spouse to bring home pizza for dinner and then continue playing World of Warcraft without having to pick up the phone and interrupt that all important dungeon raid on the Lich King.

Mind wizards have a great sense of humor, but do know how to be serious (really they do know how to be serious!). They create their world from afar, for the most part, and play with it like a game. The stress, which is so common to lower level wizards, they do not possess because they know how to shape the world with nothing more than a thought. And, well, if the thought does not work, they get out the Harry Potter wand mom sent them for Christmas and use that as the backup.

Okay so now you know the wizard scoop! You are a wizard. Which one are you? I am sure one or more of these wizard profiles will strike a cord with you to help you know where you are in the wizards world of who's who! Now without further delay, I must go and storm the castle in Niagra to conquer the evil warlord Zimbah that is holding the princess prisoner.

Light, Peace

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