Creating Harmony

Hermes' Blog: September 1, 2008

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I feel right now the best thing every person can do to help their realities is to strive to create harmony and peace. The world so much needs this energy right now. If each person can create harmony in his or her daily life, it will help to create harmony around the planet. When you create harmony in your daily life this harmony reaches out to others and then eventually into the world arena and helps to create peace on a global scale. You may think that your singular life does not matter in global events, but it does. Thoughts of peace and harmony reach outward into the earth in ways you cannot ever realize. One act of kindness and harmony can obliterate the damage done by hundreds of negative thoughts or actions. The energy of love, harmony, and peace is that powerful. Never underestimate the power of goodness. The media and news does a real good job of showing you the worst of reality, but that is not a real perspective on reality. Many good things happen ever day in every corner of the earth. You just never hear about these things. So do not let the negative slant of the media make you think that goodness is gone or dead. It is very much alive and as a light worker, the world needs your kindness and goodness, so please keep up creating harmony and peace and know that the Universe is grateful.

Light, Peace

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