The State of Reality Creating Energy

Hermes' Blog: April 18, 2008

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State of RC Energy Report
There is a Mars-Jupiter Opposition that will stick around for a few weeks. This can make it hard to expand your world or achieve things that demand great attention and strength. Take your reality creating if dealing with expansion or growth a bit slowly until this energy passes, around the first week of next month. It does not mean that you can't create growth or expansion, but just that the energy is being blocked that you usually use for it and this can create a shortage if you squander it. Be careful about where you place your reality creating energy and you will be fine.

For about a week the energy is great for spiritual pursuits or tackling anything that involves self transformation to a higher state of being. Pluto, the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn are in a configuration that supports self transformation endeavors. If you keep focused there, your reality creating will find lots of energy to tap into and use. So put aside the remolding project and pick up that book on self improvement. Or better yet, immerce yourself in some of the more compelling Wisdomsdoor topics you have been putting off.

Light, Peace

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