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Hermes' Blog: December 7, 2007

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A few weeks ago I was watching an old Science Fiction TV show where a character was asked "who are you." They had to answer this question without falling back on names, or title or the normal conventions. The wrong answers to this question would be: Harry, or Sue, a construction worker, or the person living on pleasant drive. The right answer is much harder to put a finger.

Being able to answer who you are without falling back on physical structures or ways is not easy. However it is a powerful spiritual exercise that ancient adepts were encouraged to devote some time too. I would like all of you to spend some time thinking about this question. If I asked you "Who are you?" would you be able to answer this question without telling me anything physical about you. Knowing this answer will help you a great deal in understanding yourself.

Now I must tell you that there is a bit of a twist here. Who you are is actually something that cannot be put into words. It is something you can only know on the inside, but I want you to try anyway to put it into words. I will help you a bit in this. There are three (or four) basic archetypes: Creator, Teacher, Healer, and some combination of each. These archetypes can encompass any aspect of yourself. First decide which one is your primary archetype and then decide which ones if any others may fit you. This will get you started but it will not get you all the way. This "Who are You" exercise is meant to bring up deep understanding of yourself on an inner level. The idea is to know who you are without having to say, I am this or I am that.

I will also devote my next upcoming workshop to this idea and have a worksheet for all of you to fill out to help you hone in on who you are. In the meantime get those thinking caps on!

Light, Peace

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