Integrating Reality Creating Into Daily Life

Hermes' Blog: August 21, 2007

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After years of using the RC techniques I can say that I have integrated them seamlessly into my daily life. I use these techniques so often that I do not even realize I am using them. This integration should be your goal with the RC Material. Let me share with you some of the everday RC techniques I use and how I use them.

One of the most common RC techniques is my Undo It! Often I may say or think something that can create a negative reality or have an outcome I do not like. Sometimes this is just a mistake and sometimes it may be driven by a fear for creating not so good things. When this happens I quickly follow up the bad thought, action, or vocalization with "Shatter and Consume this thought and creation! It is not desired nor wanted." Then I will imagine the outcome I prefer to happen in my mind and seal it with the Enochian word ROR (pronounced RA-OR or ROAR). ROR means "Move, become different, change." I am commanding the offending thought to change to the new one.

Another very common RC technique is my Instant Heal! At times I may hurt myself or others may become hurt physically. In the case of myself (or the dog) I take out my hand and hold it over the injury and say OLAP. (Pronounced OH-EL-AA-PAY). I will keep this up for a minute or two depending on how bad the injury is. If it is something that needs a good deal of healing then I will sit down and as I watch TV or listen to music and use this technique for several hours. Usually this will shift the injury to the positive by the next morning. Healing other people I like to do more discreetly as waving your hand over someone in the middle of the day can be viewed as strange, especially if others are unaware of your power. In this case I just close my eyes and imagine the healing happening on the other person.

Well, that is two of my favorites. I will save some of my others for the next blog entry and this will also give you time to work these into your daily lives. These two techniques are based on a chapter (Words of Power) in my upcoming RC3 book.

Light, Peace