The Dream landscape

Hermes' Blog: July 26, 2007

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I'd like to finish the discussion on the dream landscape we were having which was a great topic. So many people do not realize how complicated and in depth dreams really are and where they come from. As I said in the workshop first there is the dream. When your consciousness was born all it knew or experienced was a dream. It was very fragile at that point and would easily be swept away by the nonphysical currents from place to place. Wherever it was, it would tap into the surrounding nonphysical atmosphere and use this to create an unending dream. After a long long time consciousness begins to get stronger and it starts to wake up for brief periods of time and experience a conscious state of being. During this conscious moment it becomes fully aware of its surroundings wherever that is. For human consciousness that would be on one of the reality planes associated with the the Earth: Etheric and Astral planes. More advanced consciousness is able to access higher planes like Mental and Spiritual but in its very young state that was unlikely.

Physical existence has many purposes but first and foremost is to train young consciousness in the ways of the larger universe it is a part of. One of those training skills is the ability to stay focused within any given reality for a period of time without falling into an unending dream. Physical reality helps greatly with this process, because it forces consciousness to be awake for long periods of time and to stay focused in one place.

I do not mean that dreams are not purposeful. Dream will always exist no matter how high up the spiritual ladder you go. The dream reality is the first reality and it is one that all consciousness must return for a time to regain strength and to balance out its energies. However, consciousness as it evolves can spend longer periods of time away from the dream state and experience more complicated realities.

Your human journey is helping you to stay conscious and to learn how to exist in more complicated realities. Most people today can easily access the Mental Plane and a good number of spiritually evolving people have access to the Spiritual plane. This is a tremendous growth for human consciousness. Only 2000 years ago having anyone able to access the Mental plane was very rare. You have come far indeed. Physical reality has helped you understand how you create your world with your consciousness and how to focus your thoughts so that you can stay focused for long periods of time without falling back into the dream state.

If you try to access a reality plane higher than you are able to interpret, one of two things will happen: you will fall into a dreamstate or you will not understand your experiences and drift back into a lower plane where you have more control over your thoughts. In the first case you would fall into a dream in that higher reality and then eventually fall downward into a lower reality plane and wake up. In this way you are able to reach a higher reality and get a feel for it without actually understanding it. This prepares you for that reality when you are ready to take a conscious step into it.

For now your dreams are a place of rest and relaxation from the stress of staying focused in one reality for long periods of time. You dream quite frequently when you are physically focused because so much of your energy is used to stay physically focused. If you were without a human body and just a spirit you would dream much less than you do now. The dream state is your fall back reality when you run out of gas, where you can recharge and rest and experience things you are unable to in your other realities.

I love dreams and while I am very good at out of body travel I look forward to seeing what I am dreaming about, so some of my evenings are always devoted to recalling dreams and trying to understand them to a point. Dreams are glimpses of other realities. and abilities not yet manifested and into who I am without constraint. I never leave the dream reality out of my mix of things to use to help me evolve and grow and neither should you.

Light, Peace