Changing Spiritually

Hermes' Blog: July 15, 2007

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People talk about changing and growing spiritually, about how you will become this enlightened being on the crest of evolution. However no one ever talks about the journey to get there. They leave out the part where you have to do the work to make this happen and what you may find along the way. Let's talk about this today.

Change and growth can be very challenging at times. I am never one to sugarcoat things and I never sugarcoat the spiritual journey with my students. Truth be told, the spiritual journey can be hard, long, and unforgiving. Yes it is full of tremendous growth and evolution, joy and harmony. You get to places within yourself that many dream of but few obtain. But the road there is never easy. Why is that?

Well changing means giving up things in your life that often you like or want to hold on to. To grow spiritually you have to let go and that is not easy. We like our lives the way they are, yet we want to make them better. Problem is often we never realize that it is the things that we like in our life that keeps us from moving on. So when we embark on the spiritual journey, we set up a chain of events that will eventually lead to a big confrontation. That big confrontation is between the "old" we want to hold on to and the "new" that spirit needs us to accept. How hard you hold on to the "old" will determine the ferocity of this confrontation.

After years of experiencing the spiritual journey I can tell you, surely, that the times that are the hardest are the times that you will grow the most. It is because in these times you are forced to give up the things that are holding you back. So once you let go, you experience tremendous spiritual growth. It as if a spring has been released and you are shot forward. All the back pressure from what you let go of releases and forward you move.

I get many emails from people who are having tough times. My heart goes out to them because I know what they are going through and I know why. For these people giving up the spiritual journey is not an option because this is a road you just can't turn back from once you walk the path. So the only movement is forward and that often requires courage and fortitude. Please hang in there. It will all work out. It always works out.

Remember, you have spirit as your guide and protector! Spirit shields you and gently guides your life forward. What other companion is so faithful and so nurturing? Let spirit help you through the tough times by being open and listen for what it is saying. Then take the steps you need. And free your energy so it can soar.

Light, Peace