Energyballs and Sigil Creating

Hermes' Blog: May 30, 2007

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I have been noticing the upsurge in people talking about energyballs, so I thought I would say a few words on them. There is quite a bit of discussion on this topic on various forums, with many people getting amazing results making and using them. Energyballs are nothing new in the esoteric world. The Reality Creator material introduces you to Energyballs early on as a means of creating in your reality. You create the Energyballs then imagine what you want to create and place it inside it. Then send it off to the Creation Mechanism to be manifested. Some people get very quick results. Others have difficulty from step one, just getting and feeling the Energyballs between the hands. As with all exercises, practice does help. So if at first you do not feel anything, just keep trying.

Some people have been experimenting with energyballs by making them and throwing them at someone who is energy sensitive to these things. Please keep in mind that while you think you are just throwing a bunch of air at someone, energyballs are projectiles that can cause harm. There is no way to know how an energyballs with some unknown programming will affect a person targeted by it, even if you have that person's permission. It really is like playing Russian Roulette. A better way to experiment with energyballs is to try to create something with them by using the Creation Technique (see above link).

Another common comment on energyballs was how tired people became after making many of these. An energyballs uses your energy when you send it out. So, try not to make too many of these energyballs, else you will find yourself energy depleted. It may help to do a MPE after making several energyballs to recoup your energy.

Sigil Creating:

Wikipedia has linked to my Sigil Creation page. Whoo hoo! Here is the Wikipedia entry: There also has been significant traffic coming from that page as well to Wisdomsdoor. It's nice to see that there are some advanced reality creators out there using this time honored technique. I just love making a talisman for creating something. It is just the best way to fuse art with reality creating. The more effort and ornate you make your talisman the better it will work for creating what you want. It's no big secret why these things work. It takes time and effort to construct these glyphs. And as you do this, you are putting energy and focus into what you are planning to create. It's just another way of going about it, like the Energyball routine above. Both work great and I just love the old ways that still work well.

Light, Peace