Hopes for the future

Hermes' Blog: Feb 23, 2007

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Like I said in my last blog it really is exciting to see Wisdomsdoor expanding so rapidly. Many Many years ago in a probability far far way... I had a vision, it was of a place on the Internet where people of like mind could come and learn about spirit, where I could share what I had learned with others. Back then the Internet was just text. You accessed it by logging in via 300 baud modem (that's real slow speed) through what was called bulletin boards. These guys were the lucky few to have an internet connection which they freely shared with others. It was all very primitive as compared to today, but it was back then I had the vision. Now, years later, Wisdomsdoor is here, helping thousands of people. Who could have guessed...

So it is great to see so many people learning and growing in spirit. It shows real promise for a new world of peace and harmony in the future. One person creating peace and harmony can over turn 1000 people creating chaos. That is how strong the light is. I was watching Star Wars II today and every time I see one of these shows, it reminds me of the struggle between the light and dark within the individual and within the world. The Star Wars movies demonstrate so clearly how one individual with clear vision on the path of light can overcome so many obstacles. Your worlds are like that too, and whatever your personal crosses are to bare if you hold on to the light and be persistent you will triumph. I have seen it, and Wisdomsdoor is a good example of a vision held to the light to become something great.

Well it's late and time for some rest. Until the next time, may the force (cough cough...) I mean light be with you...

Light, Peace