Create Harmony. Another Tarot Spread

Hermes' Blog: February 3, 2007

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The Universe does not want you to suffer or lack in anything. The Universe wants you to be fulfilled, happy, and directed. When you are in this state of being you radiate peace and harmony and this creates more of the same. The Universe is built upon harmony. At the most basic level, harmony enables molecules to bond together to form larger structures. Everything you see in the physical world is built upon harmony on a minute level. This harmony does not stop there. It goes beyond into the larger structures and ultimately into you and your life. With that said, the Universe goes out of its way to help you get what you want because by doing that it creates a more complete whole. It knows that its best chance for growth is in generating more energy of harmony and peaceful cooperation. Why may you ask then is your life sometimes very chaotic and non-harmonic? Well because often you forget that you are part of this greater harmony. You are a free willed being. You can choose to create harmony or not. It is a special gift given to you by the Universe. One day human kind will energize the galaxy with peace and harmony on a whole new level. But this is getting ahead of ourselves. Right now, it is your time to learn how to use your consciousness to create harmony and peace. When you do the Universe rushes to your side to help you. So the easier reality creating path will always be in the direction of more harmony. Oh sure you can create other ways but it will be more difficult. So when faced with a choice on creating something through chaos or harmony, know that the universe helps you with one and makes it harder with the other.

As human beings it is real easy to forget that you are part of a larger universe. The human ego likes to make you think you are the center of the Universe, and this is even true to a certain point. However it is important that everything you do must be in harmony with everything else. This is not so hard as it seems because that harmony that makes molecules bond speaks to every cell in your body, as it is the underlying chatter that is going on. All you have to do is learn to quiet your mind enough so that you can hear this tiny but massive voice. Then direction in your life becomes easier because you intuitively know the path of least resistance to your goals. Your life becomes fulfilled and you become happier.

I can't stress meditation enough to help you calm the mind so that this inner harmony can be heard. However meditation only gets you so far. Application of correct action and thinking takes you the rest of the way. This is a physical universe and as such, that means you must follow though with physical action to bring this energy into physical reality. Yes you will make mistakes along the way, but as you do you will learn from these and do better the next time.

In my last blog entry I did a three card tarot spread. As this blog entry is about harmony I will not devote too much time here to the tarot but it was suggested I do another. So here goes my three card spread for the next month in the world arena.

High Priestess * King of Pentacles * The Empress

Here is my take on this spread. Something that was kept secret and or hidden from the general public will be revealed by or through a prosperous world leader. This will result in progress toward some new idea or way of thinking that will create more harmony.

Light, Peace