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Hermes' Blog: October 14, 2006

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Tarot Cards are a wonderful Reality Creating assistant. I talk more about Tarot Cards in RC3. It is an important spiritual tool because it offers insight into your inner world and your reality creating. Tarot Cards do not predict the future, rather they just show you what you are likely to create. The cards tune into the probability streams that you are drawing toward you and report on them. If you do not like what you see, then change it. They are great for beginner reality creators because they can tell you if you are properly framing your thoughts to create what you want. It is helpful in the beginning to have some measure of your ability to form good thoughts and Tarot Cards can help here.

Let me throw down a quick three card spread on the likely events that may unfold worldwide in the coming few weeks. Of course this will be from my perspective because I am the one doing this spread. Your world spread may be different. If you have a deck you may want to try your hand at this too, before reading the next paragraphs that reveal what I came up with.

Ok I have shuffled the deck for a minute and focused my thoughts on world events in the coming few weeks. I have picked three cards and placed them face down on the table before me.

The first card is the Queen of Cups. This could be a fair haired female normally but we are talking about the world so it probably refers to a nation. The next card is the Knight of Wands. Again this can normally refer to a fiery young man with lots of new ideas. In this case another nation, a younger nation than the Queen of Cups refers too, because knights are younger than queens. The final card is the Empress. The Empress stands for nurturing, fertility, nature and the earth.

Here is my take on this spread. Two nations, one older and feminine, the other younger and masculine, will work toward nurturing the earth or, in other words, world peace. World peace harmonizes the planet and this brings forth growth and fertility. The Empress is all about creating harmony. Nature would not exist with out harmony.

Now what do I do with this information? I now know that the weeks to come will focus on world relations, world peace, and global harmony. This is a very good thing and I will work in my meditations to support this manifestation Had this spread been something undesirable I would adjust the focus of my meditations to disperse or break up the undesired event.

There you go. Of course I could go much deeper but you get the idea on how Tarot Cards can help you sort out your life. Have fun, and if you get the chance send me off your three card spread on the status of the world.

Light, Peace